Sara Fabel

“A lot of people can attribute their fame and fortune to the internet and social media. While some gimmicks crash and burn because, well, they’re lame, there are those few whose legitimate talent spawns burgeoning careers. Finland-born Sara Fabel is certainly part of the latter. She’s an illustrator, model, tattoo artist and citizen of the world, with an Instagram following of a couple hundred thousand.” -ACCLAIM magazine.

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Sara Fabel (born October 17, 1986) is a Finnish Born artist and model. Originating in Espoo and spending her late teenage years in Helsinki Finland, at the age of 18, Sara started travelling around the world on her own.  She has often been mistaken as an Australian due her years in  Brisbane and Melbourne as her homebase between travels.

Ms. Fabel has appeared in dozens of magazines and photoshoots, as well as music videos. She also models for many companies around the world; majority being casual street wear labels such as Rebel 8, Hype, amongst many others.


In 2013 Sara is shifting her focus in to high end fashion after being signed by an Australian modelling agency Vicious Models for the duration of her stay in Melbourne, Australia.

Sara is widely known as the alternative model who entered the world of fashion and editorial, rather than sticking to the mould of just an tattooed alternative model. As well as being published as an in various tattoo ad lifestyle magazines, she has a strong foundation promoting herself as an artist through social networking sited as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and facebook,

Sara has blogged her modelling, artwork and lifestyle gaining hundreds of thousands of loyal followers, making it easy for her to make every single post and update go viral over the internet. Even a simple google search reveals pages and pages of search hits of fans promoting and sharing her pictures – in modelling as well as her artwork and tattooing, all the way to the most casual self taken mirror shots.
Sara7-01-130131 Sara7-01-130169sqSara Fabel’s look is highly recognized and duplicated through other artists, amateur fan art, street art and tattooing. Often spotted through applications such as Instagram, users tag #sarafabel, so that others can browse fan art and re-blogged material. Art inspired by her looks have been shown in multiple galleries, latest being Kevin Llewellyn’s works is displayed in the Kat Von D’s Los Angeles “Wonderland” art gallery.





Height: 5’8″ / 173cm

Bust: 36″ / 86cm

Waist: 24″ / 61cm

Hips: 33″ / 84cm

Dress: Aus 6-8 / Eu 32-34 / US 2-4

Shoe: Aus US 8.5-9 / Eu 39-40




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